The Market’s 5 Most Durable Headphones

V-Moda- 5 durable headphones


Whether you’re going to be running, jogging or lifting weights in your headphones, there is one thing that must be true. Your headphones need to be incredibly durable. During these types of exercises, it is highly probable that your headphones will hit the ground from time to time. Make sure that your headphones will be able to withstand this type of abuse. Below, you will be able to find five headphones that will be able to serve this purpose excellently.


German Maestro JFB Closed DJ Headphones

There is no doubt that DJs require durable headphones! These individuals can put a lot of wear and tear on their pair. By following their route, you can guarantee that you’ll be able to choose a pair of headphones that can take a beating. This is true, when it comes to the German Maestro JFB Closed DJ Headphones. The padded steel construction is capable of providing you with extreme durability.

There is no doubt that the price tag will give you concern, but it shouldn’t. When looking at the construction and durability of this product, the tag is just about right!

RHA MA750i Premium In-Ear Headphone


Ear buds are entirely different, but you’ll still need to make sure that they’re durable! Usually, you can benefit tremendously by selecting steel ear buds. Of course, steel is only one characteristic to look for. You’ll also want to make sure that the ear buds will provide you with comfort and awesome sound quality. This is exactly what you’ll receive with the RHA MA750i Premium ear buds. For the features, these are suitably priced and will undoubtedly serve your well.


V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-Ear Headphones

Some individuals will want something that looks awesome and performs well. If style is something that you clamor for, you’ll want to check out the V-MODA headphones. These headphones weigh less than 2 pounds, so you can guarantee that they’ll rest comfortably on your head.

The headphones are also equipped with a 1-year warrant for increased peace of mind. If you want to test them out for 60-days, you should feel free to do so! The style is completely customizable to suit your preferences and desires.

Overall, these are awesome headphones and well worth the price and are voted on several audio review sites as one of the most durable headphones on the market


Klipsch Image S5i In-Ear Headphones

Finally, you will want to check out these earbuds, which are very durable and will provide you with tremendous longevity. These are very suitable for all music lovers, since they’re capable of providing you with outstanding music quality. On top of the

Function and Budget: The Most Affordable Tablets

Everyone could use the functionality and versatility of a tablet, but not everyone has the budget for a really fancy slab of technology. Despite that, there are dozens of tech companies and manufacturers that have ventured into creating affordable tablets that can do pretty much the same thing as their premium counterparts for a fraction of the price. Here are a few:
1. The Dell Venue 7 – Leave it to one of the largest computer manufacturers on the planet to come up with one of the smallest and most affordable tablets out in the market today. This small powerhouse comes at around $130.00. It’s around 8 inches and provides the same tablet experience to the user who is working on a budget. It works best for those who need a tablet for the apps and not for the media. It would be a bit sad to watch a movie on a measly 8 inches.
2. Amazon Fire HD 6 – This has to be the most affordable tablet so far. It costs just as much as an original Apple Ipad Casing. Hovering at about $100.00, people would think that it would have the worst speed and features. Contrary to that, most tablet beginners, who want to do a bit of tinkering before buying something more expensive and feature-rich, favor this.
3. Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 – Slightly more expensive than the earlier entry, the Kindle Fire uses a very powerful processor that has been used with most of Amazon’s larger Kindle models. And yes, the HD in the HDX portion means it’s HD. Most people can’t get HD for below $300 on a tablet. The HDX serves that at a measly $230.
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4. Asus Memo Pad 8 – Although the term Memo Pad may not be synonymous with the notion of a tablet, the Asus Memo Pad 8 offers a really inexpensive outlet into many of Asus’ usual tablet features. Just bordering at $200, users get an android tablet with much of Asus’ core functions. It’s not a bad deal for the tablet bargain hunter.
5. Tesco HUDL – It comes as a bit of a surprise to have a tablet made by a supermarket. It may not also be the best thing to whip out at a Starbucks while everyone is busy tapping on their Ipads. However, in terms of reliability, this is a pretty decent deal. The fact that it costs a little over $120 is also another surprise people didn’t expect. It’s a bit slow, but the graphics are at par with some of the more decent brands. It also has reasonable storage space. It’s worth a try, especially for the non brand-conscious.
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Sometimes, it’s not the brand and the status that makes a good tablet. Sometimes, affordable tablets can do the same things (if not better) for a lower price. These tablets are proof that there’s no shame in taking a lesser-known brand, even when it comes to gadgets. These lovely tablet bargains and other interesting tech finds can be found through techradar.com

The Robotic Invasion: Vacuum Cleaner Edition

Despite all the movie warnings against robot uprisings, robots have finally made their way into households. Robot vacuum cleaners have now become a popular addition to many households with the expendable budget. Robovacs, as they are called, take off a lot of work from the daily conundrum of cleaning chores. These machines use a combination of hydraulics and sensors to move around certain areas of the house to eliminate dirt. It’s like attaching a small brain to a large suction cup. Some advanced types come with a few interesting features:

  1. Virtual Maps – Models like the Moneual RYDIS come with a scanner that actually takes a look at the whole room it is about to clean. After that, it maps a path for it to take while cleaning the floor. This prevents the machine from bumping into things in the room.
  2. Multi-surface functionality – Carpets and mats and different tiles are sometimes more difficult to vacuum and clean. This is the reason why models like the Ecovacs Deebot D77 come equipped with wheels and traction devices that allow the machine to go from surface to surface without any help at all. These machines will literally first clean the hard surfaces then go straight to cleaning the carpet without being told to do so.
  3. Vacuum and mop modes – What good is just vacuuming if the mopping still needs to be done manually? This is the reason why models like Infinuvo Hovo 150 come built with different cleaning heads and attachments that allow it to do both and even more. These machines have different settings that cause them to perform different cleaning duties. Sweeping, cleaning and mopping all become automated chores that can be left to mechanical hands while housekeepers can take some time-off.
  4. Dirt Detection – Models like the Neato XV come equipped with a sensor that can detect the presence of dirt within the vicinity. Since these robots can scan the whole room, they can detect the smallest stains that might evade even the most meticulous of housekeeper vision. When the machine detects the dirt, it goes to work getting rid of it. Some of the more advanced models are also designed to switch modes depending on the type of dirt detected. They can start with a simple vacuum to get rid of the loose dirt and then suddenly switch to mop mode when it detects a wet stain on the floor.

These are just a few of the models and features that go into some of the most popular models used in most houses. Robot vacuum cleaners have begun to make a name for themselves in the housekeeping industry. Some of them are even used in hotels to decrease cleaning times. Other features and models can be found on most shopping sites such as Amazon and tomsguide.com. So far, there have not been any incidents of robot vacuum-related acts of violence. This probably means they are safe for the meantime. With that being said, it is easy to assume that other robotic house helpers that can do more are not far behind.

Ipad Accessories that will Surprise almost Anyone


Everyone knows how insanely useful tablets have become. People use them to organize their daily plans, set tasks, do research and even finish actual work! The apps that come from the iTunes store further add personalization and function for the owner. However, little do most people know that there are also accessories that make the Ipad even more useful and functional. These include the following:

  1. Light Bulbs – Who knew that Philips had designed light bulbs that work with a tablet? The Hue Connected Bulb package contains three bulbs that connect to the tablet via Wi-Fi. Through the app, owners can activate and dim the lights without having to get up! Not only do the bulbs activate and adjust, they can also change color. Setting the mood within the room has never been easier.
    images (2)
  2. Wireless External Memory Banks – Increasing the memory capacity of an Ipad is murder. That is why Apple already sells their tablets in varying amounts of capacity at ridiculous prices. However, when the storage reaches the limit and the user does not want to get rid of anything, life becomes tough. This makes external storage an excellent idea. SanDisk offers a wireless media drive that has its own Wi-Fi. As long as the tablet can connect to the drive via Wi-Fi, it will have access to the content on the drive. It gives 32 GB of extra space for a significantly smaller amount than getting a larger Ipad.
  3. A really big power bank – The problem most tablet users have today is the lack of juice. In exchange for smaller frames and more space, people are suffering from short battery life. This is why power banks have become all the rage now. For the serious Ipad user, only the most serious and heavy-duty of power banks will do. uNu has come out with such a power bank. Their Superpak, although a bit large, is the only power bank any user will need for all their electronic devices. It comes with two USB ports that will allow owners to charge their tablet and another device at the same time. Even if they charge two Ipads at the same time, the 10000-mAh capacity of this bank will be more than enough.
  4. A really good Grip – Sometimes, an Ipad stand will just not cut it. Owners might need a more customizable grip to hold their tablets while their hands are busy. The Hoverbar 3 from Twelve South is just the thing for that. It hosts a strong grip and a bendable arm. That means owners can hoist, stand and let their tablets hang down from awkward surfaces while keeping their hands free. That makes it perfect for movie watching.
  5. A stylish Stylus – Of course, there are those who use their Ipads for creative and artistic pursuits. The Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus is the perfect accessory for such users. It is one of the most comfortable and most accurate models out in the market right now.

Naturally, other Ipad accessories will perfectly compliment any user. Take a look at pcmag.com to see more interesting product combinations with the world-famous tablet!

Sleek Sleeves: The Top 5 Ipad Cases


Everyone knows that tablets are now a staple item amongst most professionals. With almost everyone having their own tablets, it’s become quite the market to find something that will make a tablet stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, there are many third-party manufacturers that showcase Ipad cases that are both stylish and functional:

  1. Pad & Quill Artist Series – These cases make your Ipad look more like a classy notebook than a tablet. On top of having a magnetic on and off function that puts your Ipad to sleep when you close it, these cases also have garterized strips that fasten the cover into place when not in use. A French roast spine wrapping with an embroidered design completes this look. Unfortunately, it does not have any stand flaps so you will really have to hold your tablet like a real notebook.


  1. Nimoo Mini Sleeve – Instead of going for the hard case and magnetic covers, this sleeve provides owners with a comfortable pocket for their tablet. Specifically designed for the Ipad Mini-series, it has a button-and-cord closure. It makes your tablet look inconspicuous and provides extra pockets for your stylus, phone and other small essentials.


  1. Moshi Muse Sleeve – Despite being another sleeve, this offer from Moshi can accommodate any Ipad size. These sleeves were made with special materials to give it a suede-like feel when held. In order to avoid scratching the tablet, the sleeve uses a grip that prevents the tablet from slipping out.


  1. Cocones Sleeves – For the more conservative Ipad owner, Cocones offers a simpler approach to casings. Their sleeve is made out of pure wool felt, which won’t scratch the tablet. However, just because it’s made with organic materials, that doesn’t mean it only comes in one color and design. Cocones offers this sleeve in different hues and patterns that come at affordable prices.


  1. Tuff-Luv Tri-Axis Western Leather Case – This one was designed for the more serious and stylish user. Made with high-grade leather, this Ipad case can be flipped into a stand that supports five different viewing angles. The rugged look on this case makes it great for those who use their tablets for business presentations and client meetings. Even if the case is made from leather, it can also put the tablet to sleep when the casing is shut. Just expect it to come at a steeper price compared to other Ipad cases.

One can view and order these Ipad cases and sleeves from the manufacturer sites and Amazon as well. Shipping rates and availability may vary depending on location. It is always a good idea to ask first before placing orders.

There are a lot of other cases and styles out in the market as of today. Some of the best collections are found in ebookfriendly.com and digitaltrends.com. With all the options available right now, it is impossible to find that one case that perfectly fits the personality and preferences. It is just a matter of finding the right case and the right price.

Bathroom Technologies that “Take Care of Business”


Although people don’t brag about their bathrooms on top of any other room within their house, many manufacturers and developers in the bathroom industry have gone leaps and bounds to bring comfort and sophistication to the bathroom. These bathroom technologies are proof of such developments:

  1. TV’s on a Medicine Cabinet – The daily morning routine is a must for everyone. The day does not just start right without the shaving and the brushing. Most morning motivational self-talking is also done in front of the mirror in the sink. With this new technology, people can now enjoy the morning show while stressing about their wrinkles and eye bags! A seamless inclusion of a small LED screen within the mirror makes sure people don’t miss out on news and traffic updates while brushing. And to make things more seamless, these TV’s are also voice activated. No longer will people feel awkward talking to themselves in front of the mirror. Check out some at Houzz.com
  2. The toilet that loves you – Time and time again, the only way to show someone that he or she is loved is to take care of him/her. With that idea in mind, Kohler has created one of the most loving seats in the market. This toilet supports feet warmers to fight the cold sting of the bathroom floor, automatic flush and lid opening to keep the hands clean and built-in bidets that spray warm water at EXACTLY the right spot. There has never been a more loving seat. If that isn’t enough, it also has a Bluetooth adaptor. If the reason behind that isn’t obvious, it’s for a music-playing device. Because taking care of business is personal, it needs the right jam.
  3. Lightshow Showers – It is rumored that some of the best ideas are born in the shower. This comes as quite a mystery as there is nothing inspiring about seeing dirty old tiles. With the latest advances in technology, perhaps better and more life-changing ideas can be thought of through an illuminated shower experience. Using a combination of controllable LED lights behind a waterproof screen, taking a bath has now become a visual experience as well. Here is a good example of a Digital Led Shower Head at Delta faucet
  4. Home Spa Arrangements – One of the most prevalent developments right now is a complete spa treatment in the bathroom. Imagine remote-controlled showerheads that surround the user in a glass casing. Each showerhead has heat and spray strength adjustments that one can change to meet his preferences. On top of that, Bluetooth adaptors that act as wireless connections between a playlist and internally installed speakers within the bathroom are added. To finish everything off, imagine everything activating without the touch of a button. Just simply entering the shower area turns everything on. Bath time becomes a glorious welcoming for the weary shower-taker. View some bluetooth steam shower cabins from this company.
    orange aroma

Maybe they need to make more bathroom shows instead of cooking shows on TV. As comforting and satisfying as food can be, bathroom experiences are known to be uplifting and epiphany inducing. For more interesting bathroom technologies, check hgtv.com. Who knows what they will come up with next?